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Fern Valley Chiropractic 3407 Fern Valley Rd, Louisville, KY 40213 (502) 961-9355Any resident of the greater Louisville area who is experiencing back pain on a regular basis wants the best and most professional care that is available. The chiropractic Louisville treatment center is one of the most experienced in the city, and will provide you with the level of specialized care and caring attention that you want in order to give you the pain relief that you so desperately need.

Statistics from health departments and government agencies across the world show quite conclusively that back pain is the number one cause of physical disability, workplace injuries, and lost hours at work. In the United States alone more than half of the multimillion-strong workforce have complained about back pain at least once in any given twelve month period. The National Institutes for Health, as well as the Food and Drug Administration, both in Washington D.C., have both stated in individual reports that prescriptions for pain medication are given more often for back pain than anything else. Obviously back pain and injuries are a very serious concern, and dominates many people’s lives in a very prominent way.

There are many ways to injure the back, but when you break everything down there are only two major categories: muscle strain and bulging disks. The first category refers to individuals who have either pulled, torn, or strained one of the large muscles in the back. This usually happens as a result of lifting heavy objects. Most people continue to lift using their back muscles rather than their leg muscles, and they certainly pay for this mistake in lost work, medical bills. The second category refers to a bulging of the jelly-like disk material which holds the vertebrae together. When a disk bulges it presses on a nerve root, causing intense pain.

What can chiropractic Louisville do for you? Manipulation and realignment of the spinal column is a modern-day necessity for treating the back pain Louisville residents experience. We no longer sit the correct way, lay down on proper mattresses or recliners, and are often sitting at a desk all day. These, and several other things, cause the back to go out of alignment. If you have a bulging disk, proper alignment can relieve the pain because the disk no longer presses on the nerve root. If you receive preventative care before any pain begins, proper alignment can help your back muscles remain in balance preventing undue strain on one side.

There is absolutely no reason why back pain should control your life. There are many treatment options available for every kind of back pain Louisville residents experience. But why wait to treat the symptoms only after an injury is received when you can prevent the pain from ever beginning in the first place? Contact our chiropractic Louisville office to learn more about what we can do for you. You can live a life free from back pain, and our experienced and professional staff can help you to achieve it.

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