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Fern Valley Chiropractic 3407 Fern Valley Rd, Louisville, KY 40213, (502) 961-9355If you live in the Louisville area, and are anxious to find the best Louisville chiropractors has to offer, then you have come to the right source. Back pain continues to be the number one most common injury and complaint in the world, responsible for more hours lost in work, and the highest percentage of physical disabilities – both temporary and permanent. A good chiropractor can help alleviate your pain, and even prevent pain from happening in the first place. Let’s take a few moments to examine the most common causes of back pain and injury, and a brief look at what a good Portland chiropractor can do for you.

Those who suffer from acute, severe, or even chronic back pain are certainly not alone. Each year in the US, more than half of the workforce report problems with their back. One of the most common causes is muscle strain due to little or no exercise, worsened by improper lifting techniques. (as the old saying goes, “always lift with your legs, not with your back”). Some of the largest muscles in the body are contained in the back, and if one is pulled, torn, or strained, the pain can be quite intense, and can lay you up for days, or even weeks.

Another common cause for back pain is what most people refer to as a “slipped disk”. The actual medical term is a “disk herniation”. Between each of the over thirty vertebrae in the human spinal column is a cushion made up of a gel-like material. This material is held in place by a thin membrane. Sometimes excessive pressure can cause one of these disks to bulge, which in turn presses on the spinal cord or one of the major nerves which branch off of the spinal cord. The result is intense and unending pain. In extreme circumstances, the disk material can actually rupture through the membrane, requiring surgery to remove the disk to relieve the pain.

Perhaps you are wondering what chiropractic can do for you? We are the best chiropractic treatment center, providing treatment that re-aligns the spine, and as a result relieve the pressure put upon the nerve root from the bulging disks. It also reinforces proper balance, can alleviate migraine headaches, and when used as a preventative can even reduce the likelihood of injuring the muscles of your back. There are some medical studies which suggest that regular care from the best Louisville chiropractors care can alleviate a number of different medical problems and common ailments.

Pain causes great mental anguish. It reduces our self-esteem, and can even lower our lifespan. Scientific studies have shown that in people who experience chronic pain – usually in the form of back pain – stress hormones increase the size of the heart, and reduce the size of the brain. Don’t let your life be dominated by back pain. We have the best Louisville chiropractors you can rely on. Start living and enjoying your life again. Contact us for more information about how our expert chiropractic services, and our various treatment options, can work for you.

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