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I have great news for you if you a chiropractic student or a newly starting chiropractor in Louisville KY! The future has never been brighter!

Are You Ready for the Next Step in Louisville KY

Great chiropractors are helping people and living the lifestyles they’d always hoped for. The profession has taught me so much about people, life, business and priorities! Hi, I’m Dr. Steve Jones and I practice in the beautiful, horse racing city of Louisville, Kentucky. I believe life is about great relationships. Relationships with our family and friends… relationships with our patients, relationships with our co-workers and with our mentors. I’ve been so blessed to have so many world class mentors in Chiropractic and life. I really feel that they were so integral in the person I see in the mirror. Recently, someone told me that everyone is the average of the people they associate with and the books we read. I do believe there is something to that.

The last 8 years of my practice life has been about surrounding myself with the best people I can and passing the torch of chiropractic to the future of the profession. The students and chiropractors I have met recently at the Chiropractic colleges across America has assured me that our passion is good hands.

Whether you are reaching out to me to check into associate opportunities, want a referral for mentors in other areas of the country or just want to pick my brain, I’m here for you. I didn’t get where I am in life without a lot help along the way..

Now I’m going to talk about Associateships, so if that’s not your interest you can skip the next bit….

Deciding on doing an Associateship or go another route is a challenging decision for most of the Chiropractors that I meet. I don’t know what the right decision for you may be. Going for it alone can be a worthwhile challenge. That’s kind of what I did… After 20 years of practice I cherish looking back at all the struggling I did to land where I am. It was expensive though… in both money, time and emotions. There no better motivator than keeping the doors open. If you have enough capital and the right know how, I’d be hard pressed to tell you not to go for it alone. Even if you can, I have to tell you though… you can learn a ton from a chiropractor who’s practice you’d like to model. The learning curve is too long and expensive. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or take all that risk.

I love Chiropractic more now than ever, but I’ll shoot it to you straight. Chiropractic is statistically no better (maybe worse) in terms of business survival in the market place. I almost didn’t make it a number of times and I have watched no less than 15 offices in a 2 mile radius of mine crumble within a few years. It’s sad really. I wish they had done well! I know it may be hard to believe, but I gained no comfort watching my competitor’s business fold. Every one of those office had a Chiropractor’s dream attached to it that didn’t come true. When they fail, they blame the market, Chiropractic, their schools, the insurance companies… you name it. That part is even more sad, because had they had the right coaching and business arrangement, they could have become a huge success like our office. You can have the type of chiropractic career you desire and have the working culture you need!

Let's Talk About My Associate Doctor's Experiences

Chiropractor Louisville KY Miranda Bunge

Around 2015, Dr. Miranda Bunge called me asking me about associate positions in Louisville. It just so happened that the practice I had grown to over 350 visits a week sorely needed some help. I had been training with Dr. Noel Lloyd out of Seattle on how to have great associates develop in my office and thrive for a couple years by then. She had had a terrible experience trying to work for a chiropractor in Nashville who turned out to be doing some shady stuff and really wanted her to work for him so he could user her to bill insurers after he had be banned for participating in insurance programs.

She interviewed with all the big name practices in our city and called me after I offered her a position. We immediately got her trained in the office and started her in a new associate doctor “boot camp” class to help her get started. She took all the instruction and built a treatment schedule really fast! In a few months she was already seeing over 111 visits a week! How great is that?! In a few months she was doing what most career chiropractors hadn’t accomplished. Her story doesn’t end there… She is now a world class chiropractor and seeing as many patients as she can currently see. She’s having fun, making a great income and most importantly… helping a ton of people in our community. I added a video of my mentor, Dr. Lloyd interviewing her years ago about her experience here. Hopefully, you can meet her yourself and ask her about it!

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“ Great associateship! I mean, I came in not knowing a lot about marketing and now I feel confident enough I’ve built up my practice in his office and I’m happy!”

Dr. Miranda Bunge

Now if we are keeping score… Dr. Bunge made 6 figures her very first year and has over doubled her income here since!

Chiropractor Louisville KY Kolton Chapman

Well... the practice continued to boom and I just had to do it again. Dr. Chapman came to me with his wife Kayla. He was referred to me by a successful chiropractor friend here in Louisville. Dr. Chapman had just started his young family with a little boy and has since had another. Dr. Chapman desired the skillsets we teach and wanted to have the same success as Miranda. He wants the security for his family that they need. I just knew I could help him.

He put the work in and in 90 days and broken 100 visits a week and also made over 6 figures his first year in practice. I really have to hand it to him. He kept up all the hard work no matter what and really succeeded!!! He continues to surprise himself with his advancement. Dr. Lloyd had the opportunity to have a sit-down with him in the interview below. I hope you watch it.

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“A big thing for me was a mutual relationship, so I wanted to be somewhere where I could get grounded, especially coming out of school, we didn’t have any kind of business experience and I wasn’t really sure what I could do to open and run my own practice, so having that guidance and that step by step helping me along the way was very beneficial”

- Dr. Kolton Chapman

I’ll Be Completely Honest With You…

A comment like that usually comes with some BS….but that’s not my style

I expect a lot from myself in terms of my responsibility to my staff, my associates, my friends and my family. I expect that if people come into my orbit professionally, that they are serious about their goals and are open eyed and open eared during their experience. That’s what trainability really is to me… a willingness to learn… a willingness to try… a willingness to be slightly uncomfortable sometimes… a willingness to stretch their comfort zone. Don’t worry… it’s fun! Most beautiful things in life come during a period of personal growth!

I don’t know if we are a good fit. I may not be they colleague you need in your career. It’s true. There are as many different types of chiropractic practices as there are dreams for the future. That’s the beauty of it all. We are all so different! I will say this… I know a lot of great chiropractors nationally and if makes sense for you, I’d love to introduce you to them. Let’s get to know each other. I’d love to meet you some day!

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Chiropractor Louisville KY Steve Jones

I’ll leave you with a quick quote from one of the great Zig Ziglar.

“You can have anything you want in life, as long as you are willing to help enough other people get what they want in life”

All the Best,
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